Apr 28, 2023Liked by Will Harris

Oh, just discovered this holy shit version of “Runaway” by Bonnie Raitt. Enjoy: https://youtu.be/HPzcZNgVfpA

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Apr 26, 2023Liked by Will Harris

Loving these playlists, Will. As a fan of both artists, the ABC/Radiohead cover is an absolute (and undiscovered for me) gem - thanks for sharing.

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Apr 22, 2023Liked by Will Harris

This is by far my favorite playlist (so far!). You’ve got my favorite Leonard Cohen song (which was actually first covered by Jennifer Warnes), my favorite Kenny Rogers song, one of my absolute favorite Dolly Parton songs, a song that was on The Muppet Show, She’s My Ex!!!, ABC!, The Cult!, The Pogues!, The Waterboys! Excellent job, Will.

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